Valamar Plus Club Loyalty Programme

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  • How do I become a member?

    You can join this benefit programme by signing up on this website or at any of our hotel reception desks.

  • What kind of benefits can I expect?

    With our programme, you earn levels and accompanying benefits by accumulating a number of stays from direct bookings through or our reservation centre regardless of which Valamar hotel or apartment you choose to stay in (2*properties, the hostel and Naturist Resort Solaris are excluded). Click here to see the benefits you earn based on the number of stays you have as a direct booker after joining the programme.

  • How do I raise my memebership levels?

    With our programme, you don't collect any points. Instead, levels are earned by your accumulated number of stays from direct bookings through or our reservation centre, regardless of which Valamar hotel or apartment you choose to stay in*.
    * The Valamar Plus Club programme is implemented in all Valamar facilities, except in 2* facilities, the hostel, and in the Naturist Solaris Resort.

  • How do I use the programme benefits?

    First you have to sign-up to the Valamar Plus Club Loyalty programme. Upon your first stay as a Valamar Plus Club member, you will receive a 15% discount valid for your next direct booking (2* properties, the hostel and Naturist Resort Solaris are excluded). You will also be rewarded with benefits that will make each of your subsequent stays even more memorable and comfortable.

    Each membership level entitles you to extra services and benefits which can be used only with each direct booking. Depending on your total number of stays, you can enjoy the Valamar Plus Club, Valamar Plus Club Star or Valamar Plus Club Surprise benefits, which will be presented to you during check-in. Be sure to have your Valamar Plus Club card handy during your booking process and also at check-in and check-out, so that you can enjoy all these great benefits.

    For terms and conditions please click here.

  • How do I use the benefits when booking a stay?

    You can only use your loyalty programme benefits for stays that have been directly booked via the website or our reservation centre at least two days before your arrival by providing your personal information and Valamar Plus Club card. You have to stay at least two nights at one of our properties in order to use the benefits. When making reservations via the website, you are required to enter your Valamar Plus Club number on the „Benefit Code“ page or in the „Loyalty Programme LOGIN“ menu and then proceed with making the reservation as normal. For reservations via our reservation centre, you should simply disclose the loyalty card number to the agent.

  • Here are few rules for counting stays and raising your membership level:
    • Join our loyalty programme by filling out the registration form at the reception of any of our hotels or sign up on this website.
    • Book your stay through or our reservation centre at least two days before your arrival using your personal data and Valamar Plus Club loyalty card number.
    • In order to use benefits, your stay has to be 2 nights minimum.
    • Each time you stay with Valamar, you raise your membership level and earn plenty of benefits.
    • Counting stays begins only on programme entry. No historic stays are counted.
    • Benefits can only be used if the loyalty member is staying. No membership level transfer is possible.
    • Don't forget to always have your loyalty card handy.
    • Benefits will be delivered for all the accommodation units booked by a loyalty programme member as long as the person arriving is also a loyalty member.
  • What if I need to cancel or modify my reservation?
    • If you cancel your reservation, your membership level remains unchanged since your last check out..
    • Changes of reservation can only be made through our reservation centre.
    • When modifying your reservation, you still have the right to all the benefits for your membership level, but it is important that you (the loyalty member) are still the person arriving and your stay has to be 2 nights minimum.
  • How do I obtain my Valamar Plus Club loyalty card?

    You can enter and sign into the loyalty programme through or at the hotel reception. Once you receive the welcome e-mail from Valamar Plus Club, your card is activated. When entering the programme, you will be given a temporary card that will be activated within the next 15 days (you will be informed via e-mail). This card will have a loyalty card ID for booking your next stay. On your second stay you will be given a permanent loyalty card with its number for all your future reservations as a loyalty member.

  • How long is my loyalty card valid for?

    The card has no time limit. However, if no activity is shown in the past 5 years, your membership level is lost and your card is deactivated. Once you make a new reservation using the Valamar Plus Club card number, your account will be activated again. Similarly, any fraudulent use of the card shall result in its immediate cancellation.

  • I’ve had my card stolen or I’ve lost it.

    In the case of loss or theft, the membership card can be replaced free of charge only once. For each subsequent membership card change the member pays a 76.00 HRK fee (approximately €10.00).


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  • Discount on the reservation
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