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Where can I find out everything about the Valamar Plus Club Program?

You can find all the details regarding the Valamar Plus Club Program by clicking on the Program Rules.

What do I get with a Valamar Plus Club loyalty programme membership?

  • up to 10 % on your bookings
  • up to 12 points for each eligible* Eligible Euros spent during your stay do not include the amount spent for third-party services. Additional restrictions and exceptions may apply. Euro spent during your stay
  • the option to pay for your next stay with points or with a combination of points and cash
  • the option to transfer points to the Valamar Plus Club card of friends or family members
  • discounts in wellness centres, sport centres and restaurants that you can use during each stay
  • a wide range of tailor-made services and privileges in line with your membership level
  • first-hand information on the best prices and special offers
  • access to your Valamar Plus Club membership information and points balance

How do I collect points?

Points are only awarded if a natural person books accommodation via the,, or the Valamar Reservation Centre websites.

Depending on your membership level, you can earn 10, 11 or 12 points for each spent* Eligible Euros spent during your stay do not include the amount spent for third-party services. Additional restrictions and exceptions may apply. euro during the stay. Points will be added to your account 48 hours after check-out at reception.

You always receive the same number of points regardless of the season: there is no difference between the high and low season.

Points are awarded for paid accommodation only.

The card may not be used retroactively; points are not awarded for stays prior to the implementation of the loyalty programme.

Only the registered card owner paying for accommodation is eligible to collect points.

Collecting reward points may be combined with benefits given by other associations, such as ADAC or any other camping club or association.

How can I use my points and other membership benefits?

You can redeem your points for a free stay at one of our hotels, resorts or camping resorts.

If you do not have enough points for a free stay, you can pay for a part of your stay in points and the rest in cash.

In addition to points, each membership level enables additional services and benefits, which will be presented to you at check-in (see the membership level and benefits table).

In order to use your points and receive discounts and other benefits, you must book accommodation via,, or at the Valamar Reservation Centre.

Discounts given by various motorcycle clubs cannot be combined with loyalty programme points and cannot be used to reduce the cost of the stay when the reward points are used to reduce the cost of stay.

A loyalty programme member who has made a booking that enables him or her to use points must be present during check-in and the entire overnight stay.

How do I upgrade to a higher membership level?

There are three membership levels: Valamar Plus Club Starter, Valamar Plus Club Insider and Valamar Plus Club VIP.

A specific membership level is achieved based on qualifying activities - points or overnight stays - during each calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st).

Minimum qualifications (in a calendar year):
Starter - just enroll
Insider - 15.000 points or 8 nights
VIP - 45.000 points or 20 nights

Upon joining the programme, you will start collecting points and overnight stays in order to achieve the membership level with the greatest benefits.

Points and overnight stays may only be collected by making direct bookings via, or at the Valamar Reservation Centre.

When and why will I be downgraded to a lower membership level?

If none of the aforementioned conditions are met within a single calendar year, the member will be downgraded to the level immediately below at the end of the calendar year (31st December). For example, if you were a Valamar Plus Club VIP, you would be downgraded to the Valamar Plus Club Insider membership level.

When and why will I lose points?

If no activity (stay) is recorded over a two-year period, the membership in the Loyalty Programme will remain valid but the points will be deleted. A member can start collecting points again with a new stay.

When will I be unable to use the Loyalty Programme benefits?

In order to use your points and receive discounts and other benefits, you must book accommodation via,, or at the Valamar Reservation Centre.

* The following stays by programme members are not eligible for the Valamar loyalty programme benefits: stays booked via tour operators or travel agents that are not paid directly into the bank account of the hotel, apartment or Valamar. Booking portals, for which payments are made directly into the portal operator's bank account, are also considered travel agents. The same limitations apply to coupons/vouchers, which are bought by a member from a group sales portal. Furthermore, stays for which the hotel issues invoices for services to third parties will not be taken into account, e.g. insurance and healthcare companies. Stays realised through reward coupons/vouchers will also not be taken into account. Staying at Valamar campsites does not make regular guests, who are loyalty programme members, eligible for reward points, however, as loyalty programme members, they are eligible for the other benefits mentioned in the Programme in the form of products and services (additional benefits).

What if I need to cancel or modify my reservation?

If you cancel your reservation, your membership level remains unchanged since your last check out.

If you have used your points to get a discount, they will be handled according to the booking cancellation policy.

When modifying your reservation, you still have the right to all the benefits for your membership level, but it is important that you (the loyalty member) are still the person arriving and your stay has to be 2 nights minimum.

How do I obtain my Valamar Plus Club loyalty card?

After receiving the welcome e-mail from the Valamar Plus Club, your card will be activated and you can store it in your digital wallet so you can always have it on you.

Am I allowed to give the card to a third party and can I combine two cards?

The card is intended for personal use and should under no circumstances be used by a third party. However, the Valamar Plus Club allows transferring points to a person of your choice. Your new Valamar Plus Club friend must apply for membership in the Valamar Plus Club programme. After he/she opens a personal account, the points may be transferred to his/her account by a third party exclusively by sending a written request to the e-mail address of Valamar Plus Club Customer Care: or in the My loyalty programme account section of the website.

When does my card expire?

The card has no expiration date, but if no stays are recorded over a two-year period, the points will be deleted. After making a new booking with the Valamar Plus Club ID number, you can restart collecting points and upgrade yourself to a higher membership level.

When and how can I check my points balance?

Members can see their points total by logging in to the My loyalty programme account section on the websites, or by contacting Valamar Plus Club Customer Care (

In order to check the updated points balance, please wait at least 7 days after checking-out at the reception, because the points will be automatically added then.

How to cancel membership in Valamar Plus Club?

Members can cancel their membership at any time. All they have to do is send an email to

Additional notes

In order to obtain discounts and benefits, you must make a booking directly with Valamar for at least 2 nights at least 2 days prior to arrival.

The amount spent on services provided by third parties is not included in the eligible Euros spent during your stay. Additional limitations and exceptions may apply. For further information, read the Programme Terms and Conditions.

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