by Valamar

[PLACES] by Valamar is a new hotel concept for modern travellers seeking freedom of choice and a vibrant Mediterranean holiday by the sea in properties that introduce guests to the destination in a unique way with full respect for nature and the environment. There is no other place where you can get to know the local secrets and highly regarded Mediterranean lifestyle of your destination as genuinely and spontaneously as in [PLACES] hotels.

If the freedom of choice and balanced mix of good fun, get-togethers and leisure with cocktails and great music at [PLACES] pools and bars is what you expect from a holiday, but you also want to recharge your batteries with new experiences, activities, the freshness of nature and a selection of seasonal foods as part of our [PLACES] 24/7 offer of Mediterranean food and drinks, and you also wish to combine maximum room comfort and respect for the principles of eco-sustainability, then see you in [PLACES]!

Because this is the most entertaining, most independent and most authentic way to become one with your Mediterranean destination.

  • New [PLACES] hotel concept for getting to know the true local Mediterranean lifestyle of your destination

  • Sounds of [PLACES] weekly after beach programme with DJ performances & cool grooves all summer long

  • [PLACESFLEXI] offer for complete freedom.
    Free breakfast + €25 (188,36 kn) daily credit.
    If you don’t make it to lunch or dinner, you can use €25 (188,36 kn) daily credit in the resturant or bars whenever it suits you.
    [What you don’t spend today, you can roll over to the following day]

  • [PLACESPOOL] & [PLACESBEACH] laid-back meeting places with a view of the blue Adriatic and live music by DJs

  • [PLACESBARS] with a vibrant atmosphere, music and selection of authentic cocktails and refreshments

  • Airy [PLACESROOM] rooms with top-quality beds for top-quality dreams

  • [PLACESFUN] & [PLACESACTIVE] fun and sports activities from morning to night

  • Your hosts [PLACESPEOPLE] are passionate about their work and know everything about the destination, and will be happy to share it with you

  • We run a sustainable business in accordance with environmental principles and with full respect for the destination, [PLACESNATURE]

  • [PLACESDIGITAL] High-speed wireless internet, Smart TV with streaming option, digital library with Kindle and tablet devices. Cashless bracelet payment, contactless check-in.


Going Places, discovering destination

What kind of holiday would it be if we didn’t offer you some secrets that only true connoisseurs of the destination can reveal to you? We Mediterranean people like to be carried away by the moment, so don’t be surprised when, upon your arrival to [PLACESHOTEL] and thanks to [PLACESPEOPLE] who know their place better than Google, you get to know your destination in a way you could never have dreamt of.

our offer that gives you complete freedom

Need a good energy boost before a busy day? Or maybe you’re just intoxicated by everything Hvar has to offer? [PLACESRESTAURANT] offers a quality and balanced Mediterranean food concept at any time of the day. Our [PLACESFLEXI] offer gives you complete freedom. Choose a free breakfast + €25 (188,36 kn) daily credit. If you don’t make it to lunch or dinner, €25 (188,36 kn) daily credit to use in the restaurant or in the bars whenever it suits you. [What you don’t spend today, you can roll over to the following day]. Our cocktails are very special too, because where else can you find cocktails based on Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage and agave, or fruity notes of fig, orange and honey, which are both intoxicating and restorative at the same time?

Sounds of [PLACES]

Cool beats, a funky vibe and a relaxed atmosphere – the after beach music programme that lasts all summer long. Dance to DJ music and have a great time by the pool!

[PlacesPool], [PlacesBeach] & [PlacesSpa]
Your place in the sun

Vibrant [PLACESPOOL] & [PLACESBEACH] are an integral part of every [PLACESHOTEL], just as blue sea and fun are inseparable from the Mediterranean lifestyle. Like a bustling Mediterranean square, they invite you to get together in a relaxed atmosphere with live music by local DJs while enjoying innovative cocktails with Mediterranean elixirs. For complete relaxation, choose fragrant and regenerating treatments in our Outdoor [PLACESSPA]. You’ve finally found your place in the sun!


After all the exciting activities, a comfortable bed is waiting for you in rooms that combine Mediterranean tradition and modern design. Our beds and mattresses are top-quality because if you want to make the most of your holiday, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. Enjoying the Mediterranean sea air is a bonus that keeps you fresh.

[PlacesFun] & [PlacesActive]
Places full of vitamin Sea

Nothing will make you recharge your batteries like activities and fun by the sea. Since Places hotels are located right on the coast, our V-Team has prepared numerous all-day and all-evening sport and entertainment activities on and by the water.

Places with more trees and less boring people

We’re most proud of the fact that each [PLACESHOTEL] is guided by the principles of ecological and sustainable business with full respect for the destination, nature, people and customs. We love the Mediterranean greenery, use local and seasonal produce, and promote local traditions. When you choose a [PLACESHOTEL], you contribute to the development and preservation of the destination!

A place that moves with the times

We save on paper, we guarantee connectivity, and we believe in technology. When you choose a [PLACESHOTEL], all you need to have with you is a bracelet with which everything becomes available: you pay without cash and open doors without a key! Leave your mobile phone and everything else in the room in case you want to take a dip in the pool, or maybe take it with you if you want to tell someone anywhere in the world about how good you feel via our super-fast wireless internet.



Makarska  •  beachfront location • Show on map

DALMACIJA [PLACESHOTEL] by Valamar is the second hotel of our newest brand, designed for curious modern travellers who are looking for more than just another place to check off their bucket list. On the lookout for vibrant Mediterranean holidays jam-packed with good times, a deep dive into the destination, loads of flexibility and a sense of discovery? You’ll feel right at home.

Rate options
FLEXI Half Board
From 108,00 per room per night, breakfast included
by TrustYou™ |
guest reviews


Island of Hvar  •  beachfront location • Show on map

HVAR [PLACESHOTEL] by Valamar is a new hotel concept for modern travellers seeking freedom of choice and a vibrant Mediterranean holiday in a hotel by the sea. It introduces guests to the island of Hvar in a unique way, with full respect for nature and the environment.

Rate options
FLEXI Half Board
From 160,00 per room per night, FLEXI Half Board
by TrustYou™ |
guest reviews

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