Be One With The Destination Be One With Hvar

HVAR [PLACESHOTEL] by Valamar is a new hotel concept for modern travellers seeking freedom of choice and a vibrant Mediterranean holiday in a hotel by the sea. It introduces guests to the destination in a unique way, with full respect for nature and the environment. There’s no other place where you can get to know the local secrets and amazing Mediterranean lifestyle of Hvar as genuinely and spontaneously as in this hotel.

HVAR [PLACESHOTEL] offers those small Hvar specialities that aren’t available to everyone and which you can’t find on Google.

Since we value your freedom and possibility of choice more than anything, HVAR [PLACESHOTEL] offers many ways to blend in with the island’s Mediterranean everyday life, but without any obligation. The best time is the one chosen by you. This is why fresh local Mediterranean food is available throughout the day; pleasant music, fun and activities on the beach or by the pool don’t stop even after sunset; the amazing island of Hvar is waiting for you to get to know it like no traveller has done before; and we’ve also made sure that you can enjoy peace and quiet when you want it. Freedom of choice is up to you. We’re proud that HVAR [PLACESHOTEL] pays special attention to the principles of ecological sustainability!




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