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It’d be a shame to visit Hvar and not find out about some of the specialities that make it so unique but which you might not come across while browsing the internet or flicking through tourist brochures. HVAR [PLACES] HOTEL & VILLAS wants to reveal these distinctive features of the island through its entire offer, furnishings, people and the way we welcome you here so that you can become an insider, one of us, at one with the destination. Hint: you’ll find some of them on our website, and for the rest, we’re here for you in person, with the murmur of the waves and the scents of the Mediterranean in the background ;-)

As true destination insiders, we know our own place better than Google does!

Here’s our pick of carefully selected authentic destination experiences, while for even more interesting things, you’ll simply have to visit us!


Of all the wonders of Hvar, one of the most interesting is a wine cellar under the sea – maybe because it combines two distinctive features of Hvar: the sea and wine. The cellar is located on the south side of the island of Hvar at the Bilo Idro restaurant. This is a place where you can savour archival wines with a view of the seabed! To visit it, you’ll need an appointment, and we’ll gladly help you with that – or at least offer you, right here in our hotel, a glass of wine stored in this unique cellar.


Only two islands in Croatia have been selected as Croatian representatives of the Mediterranean diet heritage in the joint candidacy of Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and Croatia to be inscribed on the representative list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. One of them, you’ve guessed it, is Hvar. Get to know the benefits of olive oil, wild herbs, Mediterranean spices, wine, and an abundance of seafood specialities. Or better still, try it right here, because HVAR [PLACES] HOTEL & VILLAS knows all the recipes of our grandmothers. And don’t forget to discover the charming restaurants in the centre of Stari Grad too!


The Red Rocks are a natural attraction of Hvar that are still relatively unknown, most likely because they can only be experienced and seen from the sea! As their name suggests, the Red Rocks are layers of limestone and breccia of a distinctive red colour, which have risen vertically from the sea creating an interesting cove, perfect for swimming and diving in the clear sea. And we know how to get there!


The first disco in Croatia was opened on Hvar, in Jelsa, back in 1964. The Amfora, as it was called, started a trend that resulted in no less than five discos in Jelsa by the end of the decade, and also inspired the slogan which is still associated with Hvar today: the island of fun. Nowadays, during the summer, the island’s coves host various events and beach parties in unique surroundings. We’ll be happy to take you to some of them.
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For more Hvar specialities, visit HVAR [PLACES] HOTEL & VILLAS and become one with the destination.

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