Epic Rides Šotovento (Krk)

Island of Krk, 7 September 2024

Curious about what “Šotovento” stands for? Well, it is a part of Krk you might have missed until now – a true hidden gem of the largest island in the Kvarner Bay. With more popular tourist hotspots often stealing the spotlight, the area known as Šotovento has remained hidden from mass tourism, its charm attracting those travelling off the beaten path.

This course starts in the town of Krk, and after a few kilometres of warming up on paved and unpaved roads, it takes us uphill to the appropriately named settlement of Vrh (Croatian for “hilltop”). Our ride continues through the villages and settlements of Brusići, Škrbčići, Pinezići, Žgaljići and Linardići, in that order, after which the course takes us down to the sea and a small harbour, and subsequently through the villages of Brzac, Milohnići and Poljica, all the way to the Church of St Apollinaris whose first appearance in historical records dates back to 1153! Starting from the Church, there is a kilometre-long singletrail without any gradients or technical details (apart from one drop off), crossing through the villages of Turčić, Sveti Anton, Sabljići, Strilčići, Kosić, Salatić...

Just before the return to the town of Krk, Epic Rides will take us on a tour of an old abandoned castle called Kaštel Salatić which, according to local folklore, once belonged to a rich noble family from Krk who used it as a country house, where they would rest while their serfs tilled the land in the bountiful valley.

EPIC RIDES: 46.2 km / 710 metres of ascent / 55% off road
SHORT: 39.5 km / 530 metres of ascent / 60% off road

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