Epic Rides Rab

Island of Rab, 28 September 2024

The indented and irregular shape of the Rab coastline makes it perfect for a cycling adventure, with a new surprise waiting around every corner. This course takes us from the gorgeous old town of Rab with its four unique bell towers, through the forested area of the peninsula of Kalifront interwoven with plenty of unpaved gravel roads, all the way to the memorable terrain of the Fruga plain, full of sand and puddles and oriented toward the Velebit Mountain – one of the most impressive landmarks in all of Croatia.

The start and finish line are both located in one of the beautiful town parks of Rab. Rab is a sizeable island town, so it will take a 2.5-kilometre ride in a line to exit the town itself and head for the more rural parts of the island. The first 4.5 kilometres take us 100 metres uphill toward the first viewpoints, overlooking the town of Rab and the vast open sea on one side, and the inland on the other.

At the 10-kilometre mark, the SHORT version branches off the EPIC RIDES course. Epic Rides takes a loop tour of the Fruga plain, one of the two Rab cycling highlights you cannot miss. Although there is only a 90-meter difference in elevation, the ascent to Fruga is exceptionally steep, with a constant gradient of 14–16%. After the loop tour of Fruga, we continue the rest of the Epic Rides course by cycling down the same slope. With the surface being concrete (not asphalt), you should remain alert on your way down and adjust the speed according to road conditions. Mid-course, Epic Rides takes us through various corners of this wonderful little island, including a seaside ride, occasionally along a promenade which can be as narrow as one metre in certain sections. The final third of Epic Rides is exclusively focused on exploring Kalifront – a gorgeous indented peninsula with lush forests and plenty of isolated bays and beaches, making it one of the most beautiful spots on the island of Rab, and arguably on the entire Adriatic coast. Kalifront is interwoven with amazing unpaved roads. On the return to the town of Rab, we will continue our seaside ride to the finish line in the Komrčar Town Park, where you will be rewarded with well-deserved refreshments, a break and a chance to mingle.

EPIC RIDES: 53.2 km / 650 metres of ascent / 55% off road
SHORT: 41.3 km / 480 metres of ascent / 45% off road

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