This summer, Croatia Summer Camp provides children and young people with the skills and friendships that will last a lifetime!

From sports adventures, and creative and musical masterclasses to educational workshops, each camp is a special story – a story designed to inspire our young people. This summer, dive into our Croatia Summer Camp programmes that build character, foster collaboration and healthy habits, inspire imagination and make the summer of 2024 unforgettable!

Sports camps with famous world names

The summer in Croatia is full of not only the sun and the sea but also of remarkable opportunities for young athletes to explore their full potential. At the heart of this story are sports camps that offer young people work and entertainment with famous world names.

The Juventus Football Academy Camp offers young footballers a five-day training programme designed to inspire a love of football and sports in general; Luka Cindrić, one of the world’s best handball players, offers young people the opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed on the handball pitch and beyond through group training and individual work at his Handball Camp in Poreč.

The Basketball Adventure camp, led by renowned basketball player and NBA scout Danko Cvjetićanin, welcomes young basketball players and helps them refine their basketball techniques. For sea and underwater adventures, there is the Kids Diving Holiday Camp – a beginner’s diving course that will introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world in the Gulf of Kvarner. Tennis enthusiasts can improve their skills at the Hannes Zischka Tennis Camp, a programme for young tennis players that focuses on technical training as well as developing a competitive spirit and love of the sport.

Education, STEM and creative problem-solving

While the sports camps focus on physical development and sporting excellence, the educational summer camps open the door to the world of imagination, learning, innovation and mental development.

In different parts of Croatia, from Poreč to Dubrovnik, Tinker Labs camps will act as beacons into the world of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Through play and practical workshops, children will discover the wonders of physics, the secrets of chemistry and the beauty of biology.

Magical and melodious Grožnjan

Musical and artistic camps around the idyllic town of Grožnjan are a place where musicians of all ages can find their summer destination –in camps for violin, clarinet, saxophone, and many other instruments.

A special place in this mosaic is reserved for the Modern Dance & Theatre Workshop in Grožnjan, where dance and theatre merge to create a unique space for young artists to develop their dancing and acting skills.

During the summer, Grožnjan also stands out as a center of musical creativity with the HGM Summer Jazz School, where jazz lovers have the opportunity to learn from the best, play in ensembles and even perform at an international jazz festival.

An unforgettable summer for promising youth – only with Valamar!

This summer, the Croatia Summer Camp programmes will help young people to develop their skills, but also to build friendships, understanding and intercultural dialogue. Every note played and every sports move made is part of a larger mosaic – a mosaic of summer, where sound and emotion come together to create an unforgettable experience of learning and fellowship.


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