A race in the 8th round of the Croatian Continental Trekking league 2020. | Island of Rab, 03.10.2020.

Come to a unique trail race through the exotic landscapes of the island of Rab. Fill your kilometres of running with fantastic views you can find nowhere else – from rocky ground and pine forests to sandy beaches and jungle. Give yourself the gift of a weekend on Rab and a race that will knock your socks off!

The 14th edition of Rab Island Trail will be held in September, a race in the 8th round of the Croatian Continental Trekking league. Last year's edition saw the participation of more than 500 runners. Three categories are on the programme for this year as well:

  • CHALLENGER | 25 km – 750 m+

  • ACTIVE | 15,5 km – 550 m+

  • LIGHT | 6 km – 150 m+

The starting and the finish line is at magnificent Rajska beach in Lopar. This race is a real treat for everyone who loves trail running; it offers plenty of challenges, as well as rewarding landscapes.

Discover an Outstanding Outdoor Oasis

Known as an island of sun, sand, sea and beauty, as well as one of the most diverse islands in the Adriatic, Rab is an oasis of outdoor activities with more than 100 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails. A perfect chance to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape at your own pace. Marked by unique, diverse landscapes and stunning geological phenomena: ridges, rocky desert, thick forest, beautiful bays and mild, fertile valleys, Rab has a pleasant climate, and an enchanting old town in addition to its lush nature.

Sounds like a great opportunity for an active weekend, doesn't it?