Epic Rides Labin – Rabac

Series of organised cycling events | 23 March 2024

EPIC RIDES is a series of organised cycling events that will take you through the best locations and trails in Croatia. EPIC RIDES is not a race, but a recreational cycling event with top-notch organisation. What may be “reminiscent” of a race is the mass start of all the participants, designated feed zone on the course and high-level security and organisation. However, it is not intended as a race, but as a ride with fellow cyclists supported by outstanding organisers – plus, beer awaits you at the finish line.

The course is designed to combine side roads with low traffic, unpaved roads and forest trails, thereby avoiding technically demanding parts while providing fascinating backdrops in the form of forests, fields, villages, towns, sea, lakes, mountains or viewpoints.

Rabac, a small fishing town in the southeastern part of Istria, certainly earned its title as one of the most famous and popular MTB destinations on the eastern Adriatic coast. This is where the first bike park in Croatia was built, and MTB clubs from all across Europe come to Rabac to train, while leading MTB professionals organise their coaching camps right in the town. That is why Epic Rides is taking you to Labin and Rabac. On a hill atop Rabac, you will find the mediaeval town of Labin, whose ancient name “Albona” was first recorded in AD 285. It is unique for its charming blend of a wealth of architectural tradition and cultural and historical monuments with numerous art galleries and a touch of modernity.

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