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An alluring destination for nature lovers with the most beautiful beaches in Istria

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Due to its beautiful bay and splendid, tame surroundings, Rabac transformed from a quiet fishermen’s village with hardly any inhabitants into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area offering white pebble beaches aromatic Mediterranean vegetation and untouched nature ideal for hiking, biking and exploring. Hotels, and apartments host hundreds tourists throughout the year from all over the world and yet Rabac still manages to transmit the same charm and spirit of that 17th century village it once was. Vicinity of the medieval town of Labin adds to the list of activities that will enrich your stay with its numerous restaurants and sites.

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  • Endless succession of pebble beaches

  • Health & sport tourism

  • Medieval town of Labin

  • Great Istrian cuisine

  • Family friendly

  • Great diving locations

Culture & history in Rabac

19th century Early 19th century - The people who lived in Rabac were focused on the sea – fishermen, boat owners and sailors - and fishing was the main activity. Mid-late 19th century - first summer residences started to be built in Rabac. The most famous was that built by the Prohaska family who were traders from Rijeka and originated from the Czech Republic. Although their summer residence was destroyed during the Second World War, one of the most beautiful parts of Rabac has been named after the Prohaska family.
1889 First hotel in Rabac opened in June. It was located in the house of the Višković family near today’s atelier Orlando and was called Quarnero. A regular guest to the hotel, which then only had a few rooms and a bar on the ground floor, was the Austrian officer Kaiser, who some time later purchased the Dubrova Estate (in Labin).
1907 The beginnings of tourism in the Rabac area, when the Austro-Hungarian heir-apparent Prince Ferdinand visited Rabac.
1925 First big hotel in Rabac was built. It was called Trieste (today Primorje). The renting out of accommodation in private houses begins.
1935 Hotel Dopolavoro was built and tourism in Rabac developed in the 30 years that followed.
1960 Due to its natural beauty, Rabac earns the flattering title 'the Pearl of Kvarner', a name that is still used today. It was then, when Rabac started to be a tourist centre, that all the remaining hotels, tourist settlements, apartments and campsites were built.
Marina Camping Resort

Marina Camping Resort

From 30,00 per pitch per day

Marina Camping Homes

From 133,00 per camping home per day

Marina Camping Pitches

From 30,00 per pitch per day
Tunarica Sunny Camping

Tunarica Sunny Camping

From 23,00 per pitch per day
Girandella Valamar Collection Resort

Girandella Valamar Collection Resort

From 150,00 per room per night

Girandella Family

From 232,00 per room per night

Girandella Maro Suites

From 428,00 per room per night

Girandella Designed for Adults

From 133,00 per room per night

Girandella Villas

From 338,00 per room per night
Valamar Bellevue Resort

Valamar Bellevue Resort

From 123,00 per room per night
Valamar Sanfior Hotel & Casa

Valamar Sanfior Hotel & Casa

From 161,00 per room per night
Rabac Sunny Hotel & Residence

Rabac Sunny Hotel & Residence

From 143,00 per room per night

Direction to Rabac

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By plane

If you chose an airplane for your arrival to Rabac at this website, together with dohop.com we provide you with the opportunity to search through all flights to Rabac.

  • Airport Pula (PUY), Croatia, 47 km from Rabac

  • Airport Franjo Tuđman (ZAG), Zagreb, Croatia, 240 km from Rabac

  • Airporto Ronchi dei Legionari (TRS),  Friulia Venezia Giulia, Trieste, Italy, 100 km from Rabac

  • Marco Polo Airport (VCE), Venice, Italy, 250 km from Rabac

  • Brnik Airport (LJU), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 165 km from Rabac

By train

If you have chosen to arrive in Rabac by train, on this page you can find the closest railway station.

  • Pazin, 35 km from Rabac
    + 385 52 624 310

  • Pula, 47 km from Rabac
    + 385 52 541 733

  • Rijeka, 67 km from Rabac
    + 385 51 211 111

  • Kopar, Slovenia, 80 km from Rabac
    + 386 66 31 221

If you are travelling direct within Croatia, you can receive more information on the web page www.hznet.hr.
If you are arriving from Italy, the nearest station is Trieste. Look for more information on the web page www.fs-on-line.it.

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