Rabac, Istria

An alluring destination for nature lovers with the most beautiful beaches in Istria

Diving in Rabac

Diving tourism is very well developed in Rabac and its surroundings and it is no wonder considering the crystal clear waters and great diving conditions. With seas never reaching depths of more than 70 m, the coastline of Rabac presents many various diving options and locations suitable for all experience levels. If you are only starting to enter the wonderful and exciting world of diving or if you would like to advance your knowledge, numerous diving centres across Rabac will be able to offer a fantastic variety of courses, all lead by certified and experienced diving instructors. Apart from training, diving centres provide all the necessary equipment for you to start your journey into the fascinating world under the sea. Explore various cliff walls, vibrant marine life or learn the secrets of the shipwrecks that have been buried under the deep blue for over 100 years. Calm and see-through waters of Rabac and locations such as Lanterna, Babino and Girandella will provide you with a memorable diving experience and a highlight of your Croatian holiday.

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