Epic Rides Poreč

26 October 2024

Istria is a true gem, and much more than just a tourist hub in Croatia. Once the throngs of tourists have left, and Istria has slowed down and regained its usual pace, and the grapes and olives have been harvested, as the houses and taverns fill with delightful aromas – that is when Epic Rides offers you the opportunity to visit the largest peninsula in Croatia. This course takes us to Poreč, one of the most beautiful Istrian towns and a major tourist hub. Take advantage of this ride to explore scenic views, farmed areas and a gorgeous and diverse landscape.

The start line is the Poreč waterfront. We begin our ride along the coast, down a landscaped promenade where we will take on a pumptrack which Epic Rides installed in Poreč back in 2022 with our Slovenian partners. After a 2-kilometre seaside ride, we turn to inland areas which immediately greet us with a narrow trail cutting through a grove, demonstrating why Istria is the most attractive mountain biking destination. Having crossed a few more kilometres along various paths, we come to vast vineyards which will coat your wheels in terra rossa, reddish soil typical of this part of Istria. Afterwards, we continue our ride to the Lim Bay through the protected Kontija Park Forest. The feed zone is located at the 24-kilometre mark, offering bananas and isotonic drinks, along with a view of the Lim Bay and a chance to snap a photo. For around 15 more kilometres, we cycle our way through villages and hamlets, getting to know inland Istria. Having crossed the village of Sveti Lovreč and reached the 38-kilometre mark, we find ourselves at the highest point of this route – the hamlet of Rakovci, located 268 metres above sea level. The descent back to Poreč takes up most of the final 20 kilometres of this Epic Rides course, dominated by the views of unpaved roads, terra rossa, farm animals, beautiful old Istrian houses as well as renovated ones, plus brand-new houses built in the authentic Istrian style.

To round off the course, we will take a loop ride of the old town of Poreč before finally reaching the sunny waterfront – the finish line at the 58-kilometre mark.

EPIC RIDES COURSE: 58.1 km / 520 metres of ascent / 53% off road
SHORT ROUTE: 51.5 km / 450 metres of ascent / 50% off road

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