Valamar Summer Nights

Concerts, Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival, open-air cinema, and unforgettable summer experiences
14/06 – 13/09/2019 Babin Kuk, Dubrovnik

Visit Dubrovnik and enjoy the Valamar Summer Nights!

Another long and hot summer is just around the corner. This year’s edition of Valamar Summer Nights takes place from 14 June to 13 September and brings to Dubrovnik first-class entertainment for all age groups and tastes. This 90-day festival is packed with attractive events for Dubrovnik’s citizens and visitors: Craft Beer Festival, performances of the best musicians from Croatia and the rest of the region as well as traditional klapa vocal groups, open-air cinema shows, stand-up comedy, and concerts by excellent tribute bands.

Draught craft beer, good food and excellent music

Valamar Summer Nights start on 14 June with the two-day Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival, when Solitudo Sunny Camping becomes the right place for lovers of good food, music and special beers. The stage in Solitudo Sunny Camping will host performances by renowned artists such as the Croatian singer Darko Rundek, the Belgrade band Zemlja Gruva, and the legendary Croatian bands Psihomodo Pop and Pips, Chips & Videoclips.

Concert programme not to be missed

Solitudo Sunny Camping has a few more concert surprises up its sleeve: Zabranjeno pušenje will perform on 5 July, and Urban&4 and Detour on 19 July. The Rock'n'Valamar event on 17 August will include concerts by Hladno Pivo and the rock sensation from Rijeka, Jonathan. On 2 August, Valamar invites everyone to a free concert of the QUEEN Real Tribute Band, and on 30 August the Rap'n'Valamar event will host performances by Croatia’s most popular hip-hoppers, TBF and Vojko V.

The highlight of the Valamar Summer Nights event will be the first international performance at this festival: Morcheeba is coming to Solitudo Sunny Camping on 10 August!

Entertainment at Mali Stradun

Fountain Square will once again be filled with laughter and good music. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy free concerts by Šufit and Maslina klapa vocal groups, Beatles Tribute Band, Dino Dvornik Tribute Band, and Tribute Balašević – Neki Novi Klinci, as well as and performances of stand-up comedians.

The grand finale of Valamar Summer Nights will take place on 13 September with a spectacular concert by Parni Valjak at Solitudo Sunny Camping.

See you again this summer at Babin Kuk!


  • Jun 14

    Solitudo Sunny Camping / Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival - Darko RUNDEK & Ekipa and Zemlja Gruva

  • Jun 15

    Solitudo Sunny Camping / Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival - Psihomodo Pop and Pips, Chips & Videoclips

  • Jun 22

    Fountain square - Klapa Šufit

  • Jun 29

    Fountain square - Stand up

  • Jul 5

    Solitudo Sunny Camping - Zabranjeno Pušenje

  • Jul 6

    Fountain square - Dino Dvornik Tribute

  • Jul 13

    Fountain square - Neki Novi Klinci – Tribute Balašević

  • Jul 19

    Solitudo Sunny Camping - Urban &4 / Detour

  • Jul 20

    Fountain square - Stand up

  • Aug 2

    Solitudo Sunny Camping - QUEEN Real Tribute

  • Aug 10

    Solitudo Sunny Camping - Morcheeba

  • Aug 17

    Solitudo Sunny Camping / Rock'n'Valamar - Hladno Pivo and Jonathan

  • Aug 24

    Fountain square - The Beatles Revival band

  • Aug 30

    Solitudo Sunny Camping / Rap'n'Valamar - TBF and Vojko V

  • Aug 31

    Fountain square - Stand up

  • Sep 6

    Fountain square - Klapa Maslina

  • Sep 13

    Solitudo Sunny Camping - Parni Valjak

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