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If you’re planning to visit Hvar, Croatia’s most beautiful island, here’s some first-hand information about transport to the island and experiences not to be missed.


As well as being a part of UNESCO’s intangible heritage and extremely healthy, the Mediterranean diet is exciting, creative and refreshing at any time of the year, especially on Hvar. Surprise your palate with culinary masterpieces prepared in acclaimed restaurants across the island and don’t forget to taste top local wines Bogdanuša, Darnekuša or Plavac Mali!

a person holding a plate of food

Restaurant Nook

Location: Ljudevita Gaja 2, Stari Grad
T: + 385 97 740 5797

If you like unpretentious restaurants with good food and friendly service, Nook is your choice. Spoil yourself with vegetarian and gluten-free specialities, as well as popular dishes prepared in an original way with fresh island ingredients.

a plate of seafood

Blue Doors Restaurant

Location: Trg Vela Podloža 2, Stari Grad
T: + 385 91 781 7376

Are you tempted by the scent of freshly-caught grilled fish? Find the blue doors on Vela Podloža Square in charming Stari Grad and start your journey through the scents and flavours of the island of Hvar. Don’t forget a glass of quality Dalmatian wine!

a group of sandwiches on a cutting board

Lola Street Food & Bar

Location: Ulica Sveti Marak 8, Hvar
T: + 385 92 233 1410

If you get hungry before or during your night out, stop by Lola Street Food & Bar in Hvar. This really cool place is the perfect choice to enjoy burgers, ribs, falafel, spring rolls and burritos, but also seriously good cocktails.

a group of hamburgers on a table

Restaurant Fig

Location: Ivana Frane Biundovića 3, Hvar
T: + 385 21 717 203

In a charming, secluded lane in the town of Hvar you’ll find this lovely place for a delicious relaxed meal. The dishes are inspired by travel and fresh island ingredients, so you can order Mexican shredded pork in a bun, vegetarian korma, or roasted root vegetables with hummus.

a plate of fried food

Kod barba Luke

Location: Ulica Petra Niziteta 1, Hvar
T: + 385 91 594 5718

‘Kod barba Luke’ is a family-run restaurant located in a stone house dating back to 1643 on Hektorović Square in Stari Grad. Their specialities, prepared with home-produced olive oil and fish caught the same day are pure pleasure for the soul and palate.

a group of tacos on a wood surface

Antika Restaurant & Wine Bar

Location: Ulica Duolnjo Kola 34, Stari Grad
T: + 385 91 250 9092

In a narrow lane near Stari Grad harbour there’s the charming Antika restaurant and wine bar, where you can taste bruschetta, scampi, cuttlefish pasta, gnocchi, lamb and other delicious specialities with a glass of Bogdanuša, an indigenous Hvar quality wine.

a close up of a fruit

Konoba Kokot

Location: Kuničića dvor 8, Dol, Stari Grad
T: + 385 91 511 4288

If you’re looking for a typical Hvar konoba-style tavern offering local food and a friendly atmosphere, stop by Konoba Kokot in Dol near Stari Grad where you’ll be welcomed with homemade brandy followed by a delicious peka-style roast and an irresistibly sweet rožata for dessert. Enjoy your meal!



Bilo Idro – wine cellar under the sea

Location: Put Stjepana Radića 3, Sveta Nedjelja
T: + 385 21 745 788

How about a visit to a wine archive below sea level? Book a tasting of the award-winning Zlatan Otok wines in the underwater wine cellar within Bilo Idro marina and restaurant. Head to Sveta Nedjelja in the south part of the island of Hvar and immerse yourself in a unique wine experience.

wine being pured into a glass

Duboković Winery

Location: Jelsa 301, 21465, Jelsa
T: + 385 91 441 0110

Medvid (Bear), Medvjedica (Bearess), Prvi poljubac (First Kiss) and 2718 Sati Sunca (2718 Hours of Sunshine) are creative names of top-quality wines from the Duboković Winery. Taste them in the wine cellar in Jelsa and experience all the shades of the Mediterranean temperament, bathed in the Hvar sunshine.

a glass of wine next to a plate of grapes and a bottle of wine


Location: Vrisnik 130, Jelsa
T: + 385 91 766 4515

Jo Ahearne, a British Irishwoman with a business address on Hvar, is the only woman with the title of Master of Wine in Croatia. Taste her Wild Skins, an exciting Dalmatian white wine, Rosina rosé wine, or Terence Patrick red wine named after her father. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

a couple of hands holding wine glasses

Tomić Wine Cellar

Location: Jelsa 874a, Jelsa
T: + 385 21 768 160

Taste the award-winning quality wines of the Tomić family in Triklinij, a cellar modelled on the ancient Roman dining and feast room called triclinium located in Mina Cove in Jelsa. Feel like you’re in Diocletian’s Palace!

a person holding a bottle of wine

Braća Plančić Winery

Location: Vrbanj 191, Vrbanj
T: + 385 91 973 2025

The concept of winemaking in the Plančić family is based exclusively on the production of wine from indigenous Hvar grape varieties. Taste their Bogdanuša, Parč, Mekuja, Darnekuša and Plavac Mali, and enjoy the authentic wine experience of Hvar!

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