The island of Rab

Where mediaeval bell towers watch over the sea, sand and forests


Regardless of whether you like sailing, hiking or exploring hidden places by bicycle, we are sure that our selection of tours and experiences on the island of Rab will meet your needs. Visit the neighbouring islands, go fishing, take a swim off wild beaches, explore the forests and enjoy the fascinating nature of the island of Rab.


Be a fisherman for a day

Be a fisherman for a day

Have you ever been fishing with nets? Now you can experience first-hand what it feels like to throw and pull out nets and sort the catch. The reward is lunch on board and swimming at beautiful locations – Stara Novalja on the island of Pag, Zavratnica Cove at the foot of Mount Velebit on the mainland, and the sandy beach of Pudarica on the island of Rab.

Duration: 9 hours

Departure: Rab harbour

Included: boat transport, professional guide, meal, Wi-Fi


Sveti Grgur

Boat trip to the islands of Sveti Grgur and Goli

We take you on a boat trip to the beautiful, secluded islands of Sveti Grgur and Goli, known for the imprisonment and torture of political prisoners during the communist era. Goli Otok also features a museum that reminds us of the darker side of history and the importance of tolerance, peace and freedom. We feel confident that this will prove a trip to remember.

Duration: 5.5 hours

Departure: Lopar harbour (San Marino)

Included: boat transport, Wi-Fi


Na otok Krk brodom sa staklenim dnom

Glass-bottom boat trip to the island of Krk

When on Rab, why not pop over to the neighbouring island of Krk for a day? We take you aboard a glass-bottom boat to the islet of Sveti Grgur, and then to picturesque Baška Bay in the south of the island of Krk, known for its long beach set against the backdrop of steep hills. Use the time for sightseeing and admiring the fantastic panoramic views.

Duration: 7 hours

Departure: Lopar harbour (San Marino)

Included: boat transport, Wi-Fi


Capo Fronte

By bike through the forest on Capo Fronte Trail

If you’d like to explore the most forested parts of the island of Rab on two wheels, the Capo Fronte Trail is the perfect choice. This 23 km-long route takes you through Dundo Forest special vegetation reserve and the wooded Kalifront Peninsula. The marked Capo Fronte bike trail is suitable for families with children, and you can also take a swim in one of the idyllic coves.

Duration: 3 hours

Length: 23 km

Type: family & trek

Elevation difference: 323 m

Surface: road 30%, off-road 70%

Difficulty: 3/5


Frux Trail

Frux Trail for hikers and cyclists

If you’re up for an easy hike in fascinating nature or a more demanding MTB experience, visit the Frux Trail – part of the Premužić Trail, known for its dry stone walls – that connects Lopar and Supetarska Draga. In addition to dry stone walls, along the route you’ll come across the Fruška Lokva pond and fascinating examples of soil erosion. The route is marked and features an interpretation board.

Duration: 1:45

Length: 5.7 km

Type: MTB

Elevation difference: 117 m

Surface: road 10%, off-road 90%

Difficulty: 4/5



Epario Trail – discover Lopar

If your accommodation is in the Lopar area, be sure to set aside time to visit this beautiful trail, which will introduce you to the natural phenomena of the island of Rab. The Epario Trail stretches along the coast of Lopar past archaeological sites and geological structures that will take your breath away. The route is suitable for families with children. For easier navigation, we recommend downloading the Rab Archaeological (T)races app.

Duration: 3 hours on foot / 1:30 by bike

Length: 10 km

Type: MTB

Elevation difference: 179 m

Surface: asphalt, gravel, rocks, dirt

Difficulty: 1/5


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