Valamar Amicor Green Resort is located in Stari Grad on Hvar, Croatia’s sunniest island – a place that exudes Mediterranean tradition and abiding respect for the coexistence of people and nature. This is the first family resort on the Croatian Adriatic to be built according to principles of sustainable construction and fashioned to exist in harmony with nature. From the use of recycled materials and renewable energy to local food – everything here is in the service of a green balance.


Valamar Amicor Green Resort was built in partnership with the German DGNB association in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and with deep respect for tradition and nature. The DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen / German Sustainable Building Council) certificate is a mark of holistic green building, recognised across the world. Valamar Amicor Green Resort will be the first family resort on the Croatian Adriatic with a platinum certificate for the highest-level DGNB green building standard.

The interior design uses natural and recycled materials from local sources, reinterpreted by local artists. Wood – one of the most sustainable building materials – has been used to build the villas, and the paint on the walls does not contain harmful particles, so maximum air quality is achieved inside the accommodation units. The resort’s textures, colours and geometry reflect the space around it, allowing them to blend together.

With regard to the new accommodation units, 100% recycling has been made possible thanks to the use of prefabricated construction, which saves energy, speeds up the construction process, creates controlled production conditions, and allows easy disassembly of parts of the building that can be reused later.



The highest level of energy efficiency has been achieved by using green products and technologies in design and construction. The resort is designed according to the nZEB (nearly zero energy building) standard.

Renewable sources generate 100% of energy thanks to solar panels on the roofs of villas for cooling buildings, heating water, and powering all technological systems. The highest level of energy efficiency has been achieved with the highest-quality windows and doors.

All vehicles in the resort are electric, lighting is energy efficient, and not a kilowatt of electricity harms the environment. The use of artificial lighting has been kept to a minimum, and where it cannot be avoided, state-of-the-art energy-saving technology (LED lighting) has been used. Energy saving has also been achieved with lights that turn off automatically when not needed, while electrical appliances in stand-by mode consume less energy. To reduce energy consumption, all appliances in the accommodation units are switched off until guests arrive.

Smart home technology in all the villas has a built-in energy management tool for measuring water and energy consumption, as well as CO2 footprint. This optimises the consumption of energy.



The biosphere around the resort has been preserved to the greatest extent possible. Valamar Amicor Green Resort was constructed on a previously built-up land in order to preserve the environment and the site’s indigenous trees and vegetation. Recycled and natural materials from the surroundings have been used in the construction of paths, benches, insect hotels, bird houses, flowerpots and other decorations. New species of plants are being planted continuously to encourage biodiversity and also the development of the local community, its economic power, and awareness of local uniqueness and authenticity.

In our resort, the amount of paper has been reduced to a minimum, and we have completely eliminated single-use plastics such as plastic cutlery and bags. Used paper is later recycled, and most processes in the resort are digital.

Every corner of our resort and each experience is designed to surprise, reveal something new about the island, and stimulate the imagination, for example the small organic garden with spices, local fruits and vegetables, or our children’s art workshops. At Maro Eco Workshops our youngest guests can learn how to take care of the planet through a simple, guided and creative approach to topics such as recycling, waste separation or plant cultivation.



In the restaurant we offer only local and authentic Mediterranean food and use fresh and organic ingredients for its preparation – as much as 77% of the food we use in the resort is locally grown and from sources such as small family farms and our own garden. Only local, only the finest!

We use olive oil of local origin and wines from nearby wineries. Moreover, all the seasonings we use in the kitchen and for preparing cocktails and aromatised water are from our garden.

We have our own production of ice cream, dough and pasta and a wide range of healthy food as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The resort also has its own apiary, where busy bees produce the honey that you’ll find in our restaurant. This makes our Valamar Amicor Green Resort not only a refuge for people, but also a real sanctuary for bees.


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