From the mountain tops to the stunning Croatian beaches


Can you imagine a better summer atmosphere than a natural pearl-white beach, the scent of pines and the relaxing sound of sea waves? Nature has bestowed upon Makarska a variety of natural attractions, so go ahead and find your share of paradise!


Location: from the town harbour along the inhabited part of the west coast of the town

The 2 km-long Town Beach stretches from the town harbour to the last hotels on the west side of the town. A typical picture postcard view of Makarska, this beach will provide you with everything you need for a fun and relaxing day by the sea. Guests love it for its natural pebbles, the dense shade of pines, and the crystal-clear sea.
One part of the beach includes the rocky and concrete areas of the romantic Sveti Petar peninsula, on whose outer shore is a rocky zone for nudists, behind the lighthouse.

Beach type: natural beach with fine pebbles and shade provided by pines; rocky and concrete part of the Sv. Petar peninsula

Beach length: 2000 m

Suitable for:families with children, couples and active guests; some parts also for nudists

Beach amenities: sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, beach bars and restaurants, water sports, lifeguard service


Location: 2 km from the town harbour in the direction of Tučepi

Nugal pebble beach, one of the most beautiful nudist oases on the Adriatic, can be reached on foot through the Osejava forest (30 minutes from the centre) or by boat. The beach, known for its scenic beauty, is located at the foot of cliffs. In periods of rain, there is a beautiful waterfall next to it. The beach is characterised by lush pine trees, pearly pebbles, and clear sea.

Beach type: natural nudist beach with fine pebbles

Beach length: 80 m

Suitable for: nudists and adventurers

Beach amenities: none


Location: west of Biloševac

West of Biloševac and the Cvitačka headland you’ll find small pebble coves for nudists. With large pine trees that provide shade, beautiful pebbles and crystal-clear sea, these beaches are ideal for those who like wilderness and want to relax completely without a bathing suit. In Ramova Cove there is a dog beach.

Beach type: pebble coves with natural shade provided by pines

Beach length: 50 m

Suitable for: nudists

Beach amenities: none


Location: Osejava peninsula

East of the town harbour in the centre of Makarska there’s a pebble beach on the Osejava peninsula bordered by a breakwater (which is also popular with bathers), with rocks in the eastern part, leading to the popular Nugal nudist beach.

Beach type: pebble beach

Beach length: 100 m

Suitable for: couples and families

Beach amenities: bar next to the beach


Location: south-east of Nugal beach

The beaches of Solarić and Kraljev Gaj are small pebble coves with dense pine trees, which can be reached through the forest of the Osejava peninsula or by the main road. Due to their secluded location, these beaches are also popular with nudists. Nearby are some picturesque nudist rocks for swimmers who like jumping into the sea.

Beach type: pebble beaches with shade provided by pines, and rocks

Beach length: 50 m

Suitable for: nudists, couples

Beach amenities: none

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