From the mountain tops to the stunning Croatian beaches


From the romantic park forests by the azure sea to the peaks of Biokovo, follow the traces of the intriguing history of Makarska that unfold at every step. Enjoy views of the stars, learn more about fish and shellfish, and spice up your holiday with great experiences!

TOP 10 attractions

Biokovo Nature Park & Skywalk

If you’re ready for a kick of adrenalin, follow the winding one-lane road uphill to the rocky peaks of Biokovo. The highest road in Croatia is 23 km long and leads to the stunning Skywalk viewpoint (1228 m above sea level) and Sv. Jure, the highest peak of Biokovo (1762 m). The magnificent panoramas of the sea, islands and steep cliffs are breath-taking, and you may even get the chance to experience the view above the clouds.
For less-skilled drivers, we recommend minibus visits organised by tourist agencies.

Biokovo Nature Park Public Institution
T: +385 21 616 924

Malacological Museum

Courtesy of the industrious Franciscans, the Malacological Museum in the old part of the Franciscan Monastery in Makarska has been in operation since 1963. It contains more than 3,000 specimens of shells from the Adriatic Sea and numerous species from tropical and subtropical seas, in beautiful colours and shapes.

Makarska Malacological Museum
Franciscan Monastery
Franjevački put 1, Makarska
T: +385 99 4639 293


In the village of Kotišina, inhabited since the Bronze Age, near the authentic Biokovo Botanical Garden, you’ll find – nestled in the steep cliffs of Biokovo – the unusual Veliki Kaštel fortified castle. It is a multi-storey structure in a cave from the time of the War of Candia (17th century), which served as a shelter for the population during battles with the Ottomans. Since 2019, the castle has hosted an exhibition and interpretation centre managed by the Municipal Museum and dedicated to archaeological artefacts and the natural and cultural heritage of Kotišina and Mount Biokovo.

Makarska Municipal Museum
T: +385 21 612 302

Makarska Observatory

Makarska Observatory is the newest observatory in Croatia. Erected on a monument in the town centre, 100 m from the sea and surrounded by pine forests, it is a venue for various scientific projects. The observatory is open for evening visits during summer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, after sunset.
The observatory also includes the children’s Astro Park, a playground inspired by the Solar System.

Makarska Observatory
Glazbarska 1, Makarska
T: +385 98 542 361

Kačićev Trg Square

Located in the centre of Makarska, right by the waterfront, the Andrija Kačić Miošić Square is the central venue for local events. The square features an 1890 monument to Fra Andrija Kačić Miošić, and standing above the square is the late Baroque church of St. Mark, set against the backdrop of the mighty mountain Biokovo.

Vepric, Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

The Vepric shrine, located at the western entrance to Makarska, was built in 1908 for Juraj Carić, the Auxiliary Bishop of Split and Makarska. He placed a statue of Our Lady and an altar in a natural cave, and had a chapel built nearby, which was consecrated on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on 11 February 1909. Today it is a place of pilgrimage with a large conference hall, both for the faithful and for tourists.

Sv. Petar Peninsula

Sv. Petar is the town park, with a long romantic promenade and beaches, as well as traces of prehistory. It offers many quiet and charming corners, from the church of St Peter on the elevated part of the peninsula and the lighthouse (1884) to the cliffs from which you can jump into the sea. Near the statue of St Peter there is a fence on which lovers can place a ‘love lock’ before throwing the key into the sea.

Osejava Forest Park

The beautiful wooded Osejava peninsula extends from Makarska in the direction of Tučepi. This largest of the town’s parks is covered with dense pine forest and Mediterranean vegetation, and its rocky shore is washed by the crystal clear sea. If you like jogging, cycling or jumping from the rocks into the sea, this is the place we warmly recommend. We’ll also reveal a secret to you! This is where Nugal, the most beautiful nudist beach on the Adriatic, is located.

Franciscan Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Makarska is known for the rich heritage of its Franciscan monastery. The construction of the monastery began in 1502, and it expanded over the centuries, as a new church, cloister and bell tower were built. The monastery library has been operating since the 15th century, and among its 5,000 volumes are preserved 24 incunabula from that time. The Malacological Museum (1963) and the Mountain and Sea Institute (1979) were founded within the monastery, and the 1984 Botanical Garden in Kotišina was also established by courtesy of the Franciscans.

Fish, Crab and Shellfish Museum

In a narrow alley in the old town, you’ll find a small museum dedicated to fish, crabs and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea. It displays more than 250 specimens of marine creatures, including dolphins and sharks caught by local fishermen. This exhibition on the ground floor of a stone house is of particular interest to children.

Fish, Crab and Shellfish Museum
Fra Filipa Grabovca bb, Makarska
T: +385 91 5968 898

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